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The Global Organisational Excellence Congress offers a unique and extensive learning, sharing and networking opportunity.

The Abu Dhabi International Centre for Organisational Excellence of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry has brought together a number of prestigious international conferences/events into one major event.

The Congress brings together:

24th Asia Pacific Quality Organisation International Conference

  • 3rd ACE Team Awards Competition
  • 18th Global Performance Excellence Award
12th International Benchmarking Conference

  • 6th Global Benchmarking Awards

6th International Best Practice Competition

  • 2nd Organisation-wide Innovation Award
Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award’s Best Practice Sharing Conference

Who Should Attend?

The Congress will have presentations from some of the world’s best business speakers and scholars with many opportunities to learn from award winning organisations.
The Congress will appeal to:

  • Senior leaders, managers and practitioners who are seeking best practices, improved performance and a dynamic work culture.
  • Consultants, experts, researchers, policy advisors who want state of the art knowledge on excellence for their business or for developing strategies for public sector success and nation building.

The Congress also encourages delegates to become involved and participate in one of the Congress’ competitions to share their own organisation’s best practices and success stories.

Benefits of Attendance


  • Best practices in all aspects of organizational excellence – therefore supporting innovation, employee and customer happiness and delivering world-class results
  • How organizational excellence and business excellence models drive organizational improvement
  • Policies, strategies and approaches for accelerating economic and societal development for national excellence
  • How benchmarking delivers fast-paced and sustainable improvements.
  • How to use quality tools and techniques for team-based projects.

The congress aims to help organizations and countries on “The road towards excellence in organisational performance & nation building” – with keynote presentations covering these areas.
Not to be missed is the Congress Gala Dinner on the 11th December. This is when the winners of the Global Performance Excellence Award will be announced.

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