Agus Tato

The Role of Leadership In Dealing With Rapid Disruptive Technological Changes
Agus Tato, Senior Advisor to the Chief of Human Capital Officer, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk, Indonesia

New and massive development of disruptive technologies–digital in nature, have been strongly threatening major industry leaders all over the world. Even many of them have failed to maintain their leadership positions or even put them out of their businesses due to their inability to coup with the disruptive technologies that are exploited by their competitors mostly new startup companies operating in borderless world. Telkom Indonesia, the 400 billion USD Company, the biggest telecommunication company in Indonesia that is listed at New York Stock Exchange and at London Stock Exchange is among few of the Industry leaders that has been quite successful in maintaining its leadership position due its systematic approach in dealing with its business turbulences driven by disruptive technologies. Many of its main products and businesses such as voice business (international call, long distance call, local call), short message Services, Fixed phone business, etc. have become the objects of the disruptive technologies enforced by its new types of competitors at least for the last 5 years. Nevertheless, under such fierce competitive pressures, this company has demonstrated triple double digit growth (Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income) for the last 3 years. This paper is going to explore and explain specific methods and best practices used and deployed by this company to out maneuver the new model of competition and deal with the new landscape of business competitions driven by the new and rapid development of disruptive technologies and therefore keep its industry leadership position, from the perspective of business excellence model focusing on Leadership area.

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