Dale Weeks

Global Organizational Excellence for the Next 50 Years: Where We Should Be Going and Why.
Dale F. Weeks, President and Chief Executive Officer, Global Leadership and Benchmarking Associates, United States

Global organizational excellence frameworks have existed now for 30 years. However, today in 2018 on an optimistic basis across most all nations only 10-20% of individuals or organizations know what these frameworks mean or are actually using them to lead and guide their operations. That is a dismal outcome and market share. We need a “quantum leap” in our performance results. How and why do we transform this situation to a level where 80% or more of our organizations are using performance excellence principles on a day-to-day basis?

This presentation will build and expand on the role that Edwards Deming and Joseph Juran and other leaders played in our first 30 years and will set a specific global visionary direction for all of our performance excellence efforts world-wide for the next 50 years.

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