Dawn Ringrose

First Global Assessment on the Current State of Organizational Excellence
Dawn Ringrose, Principal, Organizational Excellence Specialists Inc, Canada

In May 2015, the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee QMD, ASQ (OETC) launched the ‘First Global Assessment on the Current State of Organizational Excellence’. This research aimed to unite the quality professional on a common project and has been voluntarily led by Organizational Excellence Specialists and supported by the Global Benchmarking Network, ISO Technical Committee 176 and International Academy for Quality.

The study is intended to provide data on the extent to which organizations have a culture committed to excellence and have deployed best management practices that are common to high performing organizations and found in excellence models.

Over 20 years of global research has validated the positive relationship between implementing an excellence model and improving organizational performance. While most of this research has focused on the organizations that have successfully implemented an excellence model, this research project aims to report aggregate results from a more varied population – organization size, industry sector, country (region).

A truly collaborative effort, this project has attracted over 300 volunteer professionals around the globe that are striving to achieve the desired response rate. Interim reports have been regularly published on the open LinkedIn site for the OETC, real time dashboards have been shared at http://organizationalexcellencespecialists.ca/activities/global-oe-index/ and presentations have been made at international conferences in: Canada, China Slovenia, Spain, India, United Arab Emirates, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand and Jamaica.

This presentation will share the most recent interim results and show the extent to which organizations are characterized by a culture that is committed to excellence and have deployed best management practices.

With the first final report in 2019 and subsequent annual reports, this project will deliver a Global OE Index that will continue to add value for the excellence community in general and working population at large:

  • Uniting the excellence community on a common project
  • Increasing awareness about the value of excellence models
    • Encouraging organizations to:
    • self-assess against an integrated and neutral excellence model
    • (continue to) apply an excellence model
    • develop a culture committed to excellence
    • achieve exceptional results
    • benchmark with others
    • apply for a national excellence award
    • apply for an international best practice and benchmarking award
  • With improving performance of organizations:
    • contribute to the local economy, trade and resident quality of life
    • enable all countries to participate, in a more competitive and sustainable way in the global economy
    • make the world a better place for future generations

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