Dr. Charles Aubrey

Best Practices in Leadership and Governance
Dr. Charles Aubrey, Chairman, APQO International Advisory Panel & Managing Partner, Aubrey Partners, United States

The problem is that most Organizations typically have poor governance practices and do not pay particular attention to creating or managing their culture to support and provide good leadership.

The significance and relevance of the topic is of utmost importance since many organizations today are poorly led and managed and the culprit is lack of recognition that it is culture that is ignored as an important element of the leadership and governance process for executives.

Research included nine years of actual intervention within a medium size manufacturing organization and a Fortune 500 service organization. This paper is the result of these two measurable intervention research projects.

The leadership teams of the two organizations developed similar sets of values relative to their respective vision, mission, core competencies, goals and objectives. The seven values were each described in eight to twelve statements. Employees at all levels were asked to respond to each statement with one of the fives responses: 1) Disagree Strongly, 2) Disagree Somewhat, 3) Neutral, 4) Agree Somewhat and 5) Agree Strongly.

Everyone in both organizations had access to respond by internet or hard copy. Lower rated questions were addressed by improvement projects. A number of questions with the highest ratings were developed in to a Governance Score card and over half have ongoing inputs from empowered employees at all levels.

The Leadership plan and actions to improve governance and the measures that were developed will be compared as evidence that leadership can change, improve governance, create a healthier culture and improve business results.

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