Dr. Mehran Doulat

How excellent companies sustain excellent performance? A case study of Ducab, U.A.E.
Dr. Mehran Doulat Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

In increasingly competitive business environment, the long‐term success of organizations heavily depends upon delivering quality products and excellent services with focus on customer satisfaction. Organizations have now come to understand that in order to keep pace with global competitiveness they need to excel in every aspect of their business operations.

One of the most recommended and common ways for achieving excellence is to participate in a quality award program that exist around the world. This practice will only produce significant benefits if it is implemented and sustained in a long-term basis. Organizations around the world recognise high levels of achievement against the criteria of quality award face challenges to maintaining high levels of achievement. Today achieving excellence is a challenging task for many organizations and sustaining the position of being excellent is even harder and more challenging task. While some organizations have succeeded in sustaining this achievement, there are as many failures as successes in the journey of sustaining excellence and these are the subject of this presentation by focusing on Dubai Cable Company (Ducab) as a single case study.

The case company as one of the most modern and technologically advanced manufacturing companies is the leader manufacturer of cables in the Golf region with 35 years of history of the journey toward excellence. Ducab has a strong history of implementing successful quality-related programs such as Six Sigma, Kaizen. Various global benchmarking mechanisms just-in-time production and visual factory, learning organization, quality circles, and various forms of re-engineering have adopted and implemented by the company. Ducab is the first manufacturing company in the region that has received Dubai Quality Award in Gold category two times.


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