Herdial Singh

Industry driving Excellence in Securing the Supply Chain
Board of Directors and Treasurer of TAPA APAC and Director Agility Logistics – Asia Pacific Region

TAPA’s Facility Security Requirements and Trucking Security Requirements are two standards today that are changing the way buyers and logistics providers are changing the landscape of supply chain security. Developed by the industry for the industry to minimise cargo losses in the supply chain – the two standards are continuously reviewed every three years to keep abreast of changing technology, security threats and the modus operandi of the criminals.
Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is an association of security & logistics professionals and related business partners. Originally from the high technology and subsequently by companies transporting high value goods. TAPA has developed several security standards for the purpose of addressing the emerging security threats that are common to the high value industry supply chain. TAPA standards are recognized by some countries LEA as evidence of best practices for safety & Security.

  • What is TAPA?
  • Who is TAPA?
  • How is the industry changing things and changing how the supply chain is secured?
  • The Facility security Requirements and how it secures the facilities
  • The Trucking Security requirements and how it secures the transportation
  • Why the standards are different than the management standards out there today?
  • Gaining a competitive advantage using TAPA’s security standards
  • Securing your supply chain – the how

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