Jorge Roman

Building a culture of excellence
Jorge Roman, ASQ Country Counselor, Chile

Building a Culture of Service Excellence workshop is designed to provide managers with the tools to build a customer centric organization utilizing the most up to date customer service strategies for building and sustaining a culture of service excellence. Successful organizations have figured out that customer satisfaction has a direct impact on the bottom line. Creating an environment, which supports a quality culture, requires a structured, systematic process. Quality company culture is the glue that holds a successful company together. It is what keeps a company afloat during a time of crisis and what makes an organization flourish during periods of growth and opportunity. The culture of an organization encompasses its core values, guiding principles, behaviors, and attitudes that collectively contribute to daily operations. In other words, the culture of any organization is the very essence of how work is accomplished.Business leaders believe a strong organizational culture is critical to success. The challenge is that culture tends to feel like a mysterious force that few know how to control. The truth is quality culture can be attained at any kind of organization if the correct steps are taken. Maintaining a leadership emphasis on quality even when executives have the best intentions, there are often gaps between what they say and what they do. As a result, employees get mixed messages about whether quality is truly important. Successful managers carefully choose the right way to communicate the quality message based on what resonates with their team. This may take some experimentation to get right. Communicate the perspective of different internal or external stakeholders about product quality, and see what lights your team up Today´s organizations are faced with challenges that grow more complex and dynamic every day. In order to survive they must learn to adapt to this rapidly changing environment. As the business environment continues to change, so must the quality discipline in order to remain relevant and provide value.

Many organizations state quality goals. However, to be truly effective there needs to be an accompanying commitment to leadership, a compelling vision, companywide shared values, pervasive behaviors, and complementary performance metrics and incentives. Only when an organization exhibits these and related components can it truly embody a culture of quality. Building a culture of Excellence starts with developing a strategy that involves measuring work, improving work, and changing work. The strategy is only effective when your employees have commitment to the organization and understand how to be innovative. Leading companies take a more disciplined approach, recognizing that improving operational and maintenance planning is a critical step toward operational excellence. It is thorough and difficult work, given the many interdependencies to coordinate, but it is essential to ensure quality, safe, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective operations. One of the hardest things to ‘get’ today in business is a great culture.

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