Khashayar Ataie

Benchmarking the Competitiveness of Organisations
Khashayar Ataie, Director of International Affairs, Intelligent Persians Corporation, Iran

Competitiveness is a key criterion for assessing the success of firms in different economic and commercial spheres. In other words, in a competitive market, highly competitive firms are expected to follow a sustainable development path to flourish. This became even more important for the Iranian businesses during the nuclear sanctions making them have to deal with the new volatile external environment. Therefore, it became imperative for them to look into their internal resources to quest for comparatively better market position in order to survive. Studying the literature for competitiveness, this article suggests a model taking into account a selected number of financial, economic and productivity ratios as well as other measures obtainable from the firms’ financial statements. These measures cover the input, processes and output of firms, which can serve as a means to compare the performance level of firms over time according to their competitiveness score. Tailored due to the scarcity of data, 20 measures are chosen in the model applied for a study group of 29 selected companies in the pharmaceutical sector in Iran from 2009 to 2015. The study endeavours to examine whether the bigger or smaller firms are affected more severely by the nuclear sanctions through comparing their competitiveness over the mentioned time.

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