Professor Mohamed Zairi

The UAE’s excellence transformation & global implications of Quality 4.0
Professor Mohamed Zairi, Senior Advisor at the Prime Minister’s Office, UAE

The digital revolution has had a marked effect on how organizations compete and plan for their future survivability and for guiding their continuity in terms of their journey of organizational excellence. The latest Quality Revolution (Quality 4.0) is unprecedented in terms of the principles that are being put forward and also in terms in how it enables organizations to behave as dynamic ecosystems and it also shadows complete transformation in how organizations focus on their customers and drive their core activities with the intention of creating and delivering value with effectiveness and competitive impact in mind. The UAE government has launched a new Excellence Program (Government Excellence Model- GEM) which embraces the revolutionary thinking that Quality 4.0 has brought with it. GEM has been successfully applied across the whole UAE and the maturity of competitive benefits that are being accumulated at this time in point are significant. GEM is likely going to demonstrate how a new form of Excellence based on Transformational Thinking can further accelerate an organizations journey and since it focuses largely on Performance Impact (70% of its makeup is results base). It therefore promises significant standards of competitiveness and an approach that is suitable for the digital era and the new organizational set up based on an eco-system perspective.

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