Saad Ghafoor

Comparison of National Strategies for Business Excellence
Saad Ghafoor, PhD Scholar, Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, Massey University, New Zealand

COER is conducting a study on Business Excellence (BE) under the supervision of Dr. Robin Mann called Excellence Without Borders. The study investigates best practices of BE Custodian Organisations in design/ deployment and impact of national BE initiatives. The population of the research comprises of 65 custodian organisations in 55 countries. In order to keep the study highly valuable, only the custodian organisations that have active BE awards and initiatives in their respective countries are being surveyed and interviewed.

The project is being supported by the Global Excellence Model (GEM) Council. This has been particularly useful in fostering enthusiasm and a high degree of commitment to this demanding project. The project comprises of 3 comprehensive surveys for custodians, their client organisations and their assessors. These surveys were validated by the GEM Council and custodians.

The project covers the areas of designing of excellence framework, spreading awareness for excellence, facilitating client organisations in gaining maturity in excellence, awarding business excellence, support structure of custodians and the measurement of business excellence framework success.

The presentation will include a detailed description of the project, how it has been carried out and what is the impact of this study for the custodian organisations around the world. The findings obtained so far will be shared in the presentation.

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