Staying Lean – 1 day workshop, 9.00 to 17.00, 4 December 2012


Implementing Lean Thinking in your business is like an iceberg – it is not just what you can see that is important, it is also what you can’t see. The results achieved through applying Lean may be visible to all but the key enablers that will sustain these results are not so easy to see. To make sure that Lean programmes succeed it is important to align Lean to strategy and obtain the engagement of the workforce so that appropriate behaviours are exhibited and sustained. This interactive workshop is based on the “Staying Lean” publication by Professor Peter Hines, Dr Pauline Found, Gary Griffiths and Richard Harrison, and focused on how Lean interventions can be designed in a sustainable way. It is suitable for those that are new to Lean and experienced practitioners.

Facilitator – Professor Peter Hines

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Note: 1. Workshop delegates can register for the Congress at “Organiser member” rates (NZ$250 less than standard fees).
2. If 3 or more people from the same organization attend a workshop subtract $220 per delegate from the Workshop fee.
3. Congress registration fees increase on 1 November.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand how Lean Thinking provides the basis for a profitable, growing and customer-focused business
  • Identify where your organisation is on its Lean Journey
  • Develop a plan for a continuous Sustainable Journey

Who Should Attend

  • Business Leaders
  • Senior Managers
  • Lean Champions
  • Lean Coaches


  • Overview of Lean Thinking:
    • Lean Principles
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Achieving profitable growth & reducing waste
  • Examining a detailed Case Example of Lean Sustainability
    • Case Study
  • Capitalising from the Lean Iceberg Sustainability approach:
    • Lean Iceberg Model
    • Establish where you are on your Lean Journey and next steps
  • Creating your own Sustainable Journey
    • Next steps and Action Planning

Benefits from Attendance

  • Gain a better understanding of what Lean really is and what it could mean for your results
  • Learn what you need to do to sustain a Lean Journey
  • Discuss your issues with award winning leaders in Lean Thinking
  • Develop the basis of your own action plan
  • Get your own copy of the Shingo Prize winning book Staying Lean: Thriving not just Surviving!


Professor Peter Hines

Bio: Peter followed a successful career in distribution and manufacturing industry before joining Cardiff Business School in 1992 and founding the Lean Enterprise Research Centre. Peter is also Chairman of S A Partners a leading provider of Lean Consulting and Training Services operating globally, with a head office near Cardiff, UK and established businesses in Ireland and Australia. S A Partners is dedicated to helping organisations improve their performance by working to Lean Principles. Peter has undertaken extensive research into Lean Thinking and Supply Chain Management and pioneered a number of key concepts, , including: Supplier Associations, Value Stream Mapping and the Lean Business System. He has written several books including “Creating World Class Suppliers”, “The Lean Enterprise”, “Value Stream Management” and “Staying Lean” first published in 2008 which won a Shingo Research and Professional Publication Prize Recipient for 2009. In 2012 Peter launched a new portal to help his 60,000 LinkedIn group members to be able to learn, share and grow faster on their respective lean journeys.

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